Replacement thermal fuse with ring crimps compatible with GHD Hair Straighteners with a rated temperature of 229 degrees C.

This fuse has been custom manufactured to our exact specification.

It has an extra layer of insulation over the wires which maintains the product's double insulation which is required for safety as it does not have an earth. The original GHD fuses use special double insulated wire (two independent layers of insulation over the same conductive core). This is a bit specialist, so we've added a separate insulation layer instead around the area of the wires that comes into contact with the metal heater plate.

Many replacement thermal fuses are 240 degrees C, however we don't believe this is safe for a few reasons:

  • Genuine Mk4 and newer GHDs have a 229 degrees C thermal fuse inside. Therefore the CE mark is invalid if a 240 degrees C fuse is fitted
  • The genuine thermal fuse only really trips in real fault scenarios. It is very rare for it to fail prematurely like the 216 degrees C thermal fuse did on the older mk3 model of GHD
  • A 240 degrees C thermal fuse will take a lot longer to trip resulting in more melted plastic. This is because of the thermal conductivity between the heater and the fuse and the fact a lot of the heat is conducted elsewhere, away from the fuse

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Thermal Fuse

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